Metal Doors Munich



Decoration outside:
PVC “Dark walnut”
Decoration inside:
PVC “Venge light”

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Design. Front door Munich combines elements of modern laconic style, practicality and high quality of decorative materials. PVC coating is resistant to light mechanical damage, simulates the texture of wood and has a wide color gamut.

Security. The front door is made of steel with optimum thickness, which ensures a high level of resistance to cracking and significantly reduces the load on the doorway and hinges. The reinforcing plates in the lock areas prevent drilling and sawing of the lock.

Heat & sound insulation. German sealing system installed around the whole perimeter of the door isolates the apartment from outside noise and odors. Unique system of fixing the insulation over the entire height of the door and door box ensures thermal insulation that is 17% above the standard of STB.

Durability. Bending-profile manufacturing technology allows to produce the door with greater thickness but with minimal increase in weight. It protects the model Munich from the increased load on the hinges, rapid wearing off the fittings and sagging over time.


Parameter Name
Decoration of the outside panel MDF, 10 mm, PVC coating, milling N-57
Decoration of the inside panel MDF, 10 mm, PVC coating, milling N-57
Painting the door box Polymer coating “Moire”, color black
Jamb Fused metal 50 mm; MDF 10×70 mm
Height 2050 mm
Width 860, 950 mm
Thickness of the door 80 mm
Insulation mineral wool “Knauf”, 50 mm
Number of sealing contours 2


Parameter Name
Lower Lock Apecs T-52 (cylindrical)
Upper lock Apecs T-57 (lever)
Night Latch Apecs L-0260
Outlet handles Avers
Peephole Apecs
Pads Crit (with spring-loaded shutters)


Parameter Name
Armored Pad Screwed armored pad Apecs
Soundproofing 40 dB
Class of durability  * * * *
Classification of locks Basic 2*
Warranty 2 years