Metal Door Sherwood



Decoration outside:
PVC “Teak wood”
Decoration inside:
PVC “Venge light”


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Design. The nobility of finishing materials used in the front door called “Sherwood” along with of strict geometric forms makes it possible to include this model into category of doors with classic design patterns.

Security. The front door is produced of steel sheets with optimal width that provides a decent level of burglary resistance. It also reduces the load on the door hinges and door box. Reinforced plates prevent unauthorized opening of locks (the total thickness of the steel in the lock zone is 2.7 mm).

Heat & sound insulation. The German sealing system ensures a high level of comfort: two-component sealant is resistant to aggressive environments; lock patch with shutters stops cold air from coming through the keyhole; regulator adjust the density of door panel adjoining the door box.

Durability. By special order made by Steel Line factory, the Italian manufacturer designed and produced hinges with support bearings. Such hinges are designed for the weight that is significantly greater than the weight of the door and able to withstand more than 300,000 cycles of opening, which equals twenty years of trouble-free operation the door for a family of four.


Parameter Name
Decoration of the outside panel MDF, 10 mm, PVC, Ecoveneer coating, milling N-41 Grand
Decoration of the inside panel MDF, 10 mm, PVC, Ecoveneer coating, milling Bazilica Grand
Painting the door box Polymer coating “Moire”, color black
Jamb Fused metal 50 mm; MDF 10×70 mm
Height 2050 mm
Width 860, 950 mm
Thickness of the door 80 mm
Insulation mineral wool “Knauf”, 50 mm
Number of sealing contours 2


Parameter Name
Lower Lock Apecs T-52 (cylindrical)
Upper lock Apecs T-57 (lever)
Night Latch Apecs L-0260
Outlet handles Avers
Peephole Apecs
Pads Crit (with spring-loaded shutters)


Parameter Name
Armored Pad Screwed armored pad Apecs
Soundproofing 40 dB
Class of durability  * * * *
Classification of locks Basic 2*
Warranty 2 years