Metal door NOVA



Decoration outside:
Polymer “Black silk”
Decoration inside:
HDF “Walnut”

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Design. The modern visual appearance of the front door Nova is due to the usage of powder-polymer coating based on polyester outside and high-density HDF material on the inside. The use of such materials facilitate easy care of the front door.

Security. Durable metal construction combined with a reliable locking system of the Nova door is capable to withstand the force impact of 10 000 H. For comparison sake, this is the impact of cargo weighing of 1000 kg. Irremovable crossbars prevent the door opening by cutting off the hinges.

Heat & sound insulation. Two contours of sealing ensures quiet closing / opening of the door and protects against penetration of foreign smells coming into the apartment. Eco-friendly insulation keeps whole cloth steadily fixed. Special SteelFix technology does not allow the mineral wool to settle down.

Durability. Italian hinges with ball bearing are designed for the weight that is significantly greater than the weight of the door. These hinges can withstand more than 300,000 open / close cycles, which is comparable to 20 years of trouble-free operation of the door for a family of four people.


Parameter Name
Decoration of the outside panel Metal, 1.2 mm, Polymer coating
Decoration of the inside panel HDF, 8 mm
Painting the door box Polymer coating “Silk”, color black
Jamb Fused metal, 60 mm
Height 2050 mm
Width 860, 950 mm
Thickness of the door 60 mm
Insulation mineral wool “Knauf”, 50 mm
Number of sealing contours 2


Parameter Name
Upper lock Apecs Т 47 (lever)
Lower Lock Apecs Т 42 (cylindrical)
Peephole Apecs
Set of pads Apecs
Outlet handles Palidore


Parameter Name
Armored Pad Mounted armored pad Crit
Soundproofing 32 dB
Class of durability  * * * *
Classification of locks Normal 1*
Warranty 2 years