metal door broadway



Decoration outside:
PVC “Teak wood”
Decoration inside:
PVC “Teak wood”

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Design. Front door Broadway is made for connoisseurs of traditional solutions. The texture of PVC coating underlines the classic geometric shapes and variety of colors allow you to choose the door model that will match the interior of your apartment.

Security. The high level of burglary protection is achieved by applying wholesomely bending technology and the system of horizontal and vertical stiffeners that prevent bending of angles and block the locks.

Heat & sound insulation. Two sealing contours, durable MDF panels on both sides of the front door, high-quality Knauf insulation inside the door guarantee noise absorption of 32 dB. The impermeability of the Broadway door has the highest A-class.

Durability. The surface of the door is 100% painted, which guarantees maximum protection against adverse factors. Fittings and locks are produced by renown companies and the quality of the product have been confirmed by numerous certificates.


Parameter Name
Decoration of the outside panel MDF, 8 mm, PVC coating, milling Bazilica, simplified
Decoration of the inside panel MDF, 8 mm, PVC coating, milling Bazilica, simplified
Painting the door box Polymer coating “Moire”, color black
Jamb Fused metal 60 mm; MDF 10×70 mm
Height 2050 mm
Width 860, 950 mm
Thickness of the door 70 mm
Insulation mineral wool “Knauf”, 50 mm
Number of sealing contours 2


Parameter Name
Upper lock Apecs Т 47 (lever)
Lower Lock Apecs Т 42 (cylindrical)
Peephole Apecs
Set of pads Apecs
Outlet handles Palidore


Parameter Name
Armored Pad Mounted armored pad Crit
Soundproofing 32 dB
Class of durability  * * * *
Classification of locks Normal 1*
Warranty 2 years