Metal door Alpha



Decoration outside:
Ecoveneer “Polar gray”
Decoration inside:
Ekoveneer “Cappuchino”

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Design. The design of Alfa door model is the best example of non-trivial decoration, the simplicity and purity of lines. The colors and environmentally friendly Ecoveneer coating resembles wood structure and fits well in the interiors of modern apartments.

Security. The optimal thickness of steel ensures a high level of resistance to hacking and reduces the load on the door hinges and aperture. Reinforced steel plate in the lock’s area prevent drilling and hacking the locks.

Heat & sound insulation. Good noise insulation of 32 dB and a high level of impermeabilty is provided by two contours of sealing around the perimeter of the whole door. Steel Line uses environmentally friendly insulation «Knauf».

Durability. The advanced improvement of the locking system make the locks work smoothly and provide durable and reliable service. Painting 100% of external and internal surface of the front metal door Alpha by durable polymer coating protects the door from corrosion.


Parameter Name
Decoration of the outside panel MDF, 8 mm, Ecoveneer coating, milling V-2
Decoration of the inside panel MDF, 8 mm, Ecoveneer coating, milling V-2
Painting the door box Polymer coating “Moire”, color black
Jamb Fused metal 60 mm; MDF 10×70 mm
Height 2050 mm
Width 860, 950 mm
Thickness of the door 70 mm
Insulation mineral wool “Knauf”, 50 mm
Number of sealing contours 2


Parameter Name
Upper lock Apecs Т 47 (lever)
Lower Lock Apecs Т 42 (cylindrical)
Peephole Apecs
Set of pads Apecs
Outlet handles Palidore


Parameter Name
Armored Pad Mounted armored pad Crit
Soundproofing 32 dB
Class of durability  * * * *
Classification of locks Normal 1*
Warranty 2 years